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Legal Information


1. Before you Book

1.1 Other Hotel Guests
Many hotels, especially in cities, accommodate conventions and conferences. We are unable to accept any responsibility for any inconvenience caused by such groups or their activities.

1.2 Smoking
Many accommodation providers operate a non-smoking policy. Please ask at the time of booking if this information is important to you.

1.3 Special Requests
Where special requests eg. diet, room location, twin or double bedded room and/or a particular facility at the accommodation, are an important factor in the choice of holiday, you must advise us when the booking is made. We are happy to pass your request on to the accommodation provider but cannot guarantee that it will be accommodated. The provision of any special request does not constitute a term of your contract with us. Furthermore, if the accommodation is unable to meet any such requests, neither Luxury Escape Limited nor the accommodation provider will have any liability to you in this respect.     

Disabled rooms usually have wheelchair access but MAY NOT include features for the seriously disabled. An email should be sent to gemma@luxuryescape.co.uk if a disabled room is required so that the hotel can be informed. Disabled rooms are on request and Luxury Escape Limited cannot be held responsible if an adapted room is not provided upon arrival.

1.4 Accommodation Facilities
The availability of the facilities and features listed for each accommodation provider are under the direct control of the accommodation provider and as such Luxury Escape Limited cannot be held responsible if those facilities or features are not made available to you during the period of your stay. If a facility or feature is of particular importance to you, then please check with Luxury Escape Limited or the accommodation provider that this facility or feature will be available during the dates of your stay.

1.5 Weather
We cannot be held responsible for disruption to your holiday due to bad or unusual weather conditions.


2. Booking and Paying for your Accommodation

2.1 Booking
Luxury Escape Limited require at least one name for each room booked.  It is your responsibility to give us accurate information on all members of the party. Luxury Escape Limited needs to be informed immediately of any errors as we cannot guarantee to be able to make corrections at a later date. Where in exceptional circumstances errors are found on the website they will be corrected and The Company reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed. Accommodation is offered strictly subject to availability. Upon receipt of a written instruction to proceed with reservation, Luxury Escape Limited reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation should those quoted not be available or subject to an unforeseen price increase.   

2.2 Group Bookings
Rooming list and final amendments should be advised in writing 8 weeks prior to the date of travel.   Luxury Escape Limited shall be entitled to reject single-sex or student group bookings. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform Luxury Escape Limited of the constitution of the group and the purpose of its visit. The accommodation provider has the right to apply certain conditions, which will be advised to you at the time of booking.

2.3 Contract
When you book your accommodation, we send you confirmation of the booking.  It is at the time we send this confirmation that a binding contract comes into existence. The date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation. Your contract is with the accommodation provider on their standard terms and conditions.  If they are provided we will endeavour (but undertake no liability to do so) to make copies of the accommodation provider's terms and conditions available to you. We act only as a booking agent for the accommodation provider.

Before your booking is confirmed and a contract comes into existence, the accomodation provider reserves the right to increase or decrease prices. Changes will be made known to you before you book. A booking is not accepted until an invoice has been issued. It is important to check the details carefully on the invoice when you get it. In the event of any discrepancy please contact us immediately.If you want to cancel or change your booking later, you may have to pay amendment or cancellation charges (stated below) which may be as much as the whole accommodation costs.Should you wish to make an amendment or cancellation to your booking, we must receive confirmation by email or fax. If you are aged under 18 on the date of departure and your parents or guardians are not traveling with you, they must write to us with their written consent. 

2.4 Peak Season Supplements
During peak periods such as Christmas and Easter when demand outstrips the supply of accommodation, you may find that supplements are added to the cost of your holiday. The supplements may be for accommodation on specific dates. The cost of these supplements will be quoted to you at the time of booking.

2.5 Paying For Your Accommodation
Payment is due in accordance with the accommodation provider’s terms and conditions. We will make this clear to you at the time of the booking. Payment will either be due 14 days after the invoice date or a deposit will be required at the time of booking with the balance then payable direct to the accommodation provider upon check out. Some accomodation providers require full pre-payment which will be stated at the time of booking. In parties or two or more people, the lead name on the booking, accepts responsibility for making all payments for all members of the party. When you make a booking you are confirming that you understand and have accepted on behalf of yourself and all members of your party our terms and conditions. We accept payment by cheque, PayPal or Bacs transfer. Payment for incidental extras (e.g. mini bars, telephone charges, etc.) has to be made directly to the accommodation, when you check out. Please note that there is an additional charge of 3.6% to pay by credit or debit card and a further 3% for payments from outside of the UK.

2.6 Late Arrival
If you are due to arrive at the accommodation after 19h00, please inform Luxury Escape Limited in writing at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Failure to do so may result in problems at check-in.


3. If You Want To Change Or Cancel Your Holiday

3.1 Change Or Addition To Your Holiday
If you want to change any part of your accommodation arrangements after the invoice has been issued, we will do our best to make the change, but it may not be possible. If it is possible to make the change, it will be subject to an administration charge of £25 per amendment and per name change, and payment of any further costs incurred as a result of the change. If you wish to change to alternative accomodation, please call us and we will confirm the new cost to you.  If you change your booking to an accommodation of lower value, and then cancel that holiday, we reserve the right to levy cancellation charges on the value of the original booking.

If you need to change the dates of travel, there may be other rates valid for the new dates requested. This will be considered as a cancellation and a new booking will be made.If the accommodation cannot accommodate your requested amendment, the booking will automatically revert to its original status, although Luxury Escape Limited will always endeavour to offer a suitable alternative. All changes to bookings must be confirmed by email or fax to Luxury Escape Limited. Should the customer fail to arrive at the hotel on the first night of the booking, the whole booking may be cancelled and you will be charged 100% of the first night. Additional charges may be applied depending on the accommodation provider.

If one or more members of your party cancel, this may mean that accommodation is under-occupied and the price of the remaining members of the party may be increased to reflect this.  If you wish to make any change to the booking while on holiday (e.g. upgrading accommodation or extending your stay) all requests are subject to availability and any extra cost must be paid immediately. 

3.2 Transferring Bookings
If any person named on a booking is prevented from travelling for a significant reason, we will agree to that person’s booking being transferred to another person who satisfies all the conditions applicable to the accommodation, subject to both persons accepting liability for full payment of the holiday cost and any additional costs arising from the transfer. There will be a charge of £25 per name change. This will also be subject to the accommodation provider's approval.

3.3 Cancelling Your Holiday
If you or anyone on your accomodation booking decides to cancel the holiday you must notify us of the decision as soon as possible. Any notification by telephone must also be confirmed in writing or by e-mail within 24-hours by the person who made the original booking. Cancellation will take effect from the day we are notified provided that written confirmation is received by us within 24-hours of the original notification. A cancellation letter will be sent to you within 7 days, if you do not receive this please contact us immediately in order to prevent an increase in charges. Cancellation charges will depend on each individual accomodation provider. We will inform you of the relevant cancellation charges at the time of booking.We would strongly recommend that you take out full insurance, which will in most cases include cover, under certain circumstances, against loss of deposit or cancellation fees.


4. If We want To Change Or Cancel Your Holiday

4.1 Building and Development Work
Many hotels are continuing to develop, sometimes rapidly and intensively and often with little or no advance warning. Whilst we have no control over such work, it is important to us that you are aware of any significant building/refurbishment work that may be going on during your stay. General refurbishment at hotels is necessary to maintain standards but if we are informed of such work, we will endeavor to notify you of any activity as soon as possible, however near to your departure this may be.

4.2 Changes Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control
We will not be liable to pay any compensation if we are forced to cancel or in any way change your accommodation as a result of unusual or unforeseeable situations outside our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even with all due care. By way of example, this includes fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction or damage of accommodation by any cause (other than negligence) and all similar situations.

4.3 If We Change Your Holiday Accommodation
We do not control the day to day management of your accommodation, and in exceptional cases it is possible that we may be advised that the reserved accommodation has been overbooked. The accomodation provider reserves the right to cancel, amend or adjust any reservation – in accordance with their their own standard terms and conditions. If a significant change has to be made (and the change is not acceptable to you) or your booking has to be cancelled we will endeavor to provide accommodation of at least the same standard in the same area. As the alternative accommodation is likely to be owned by a different accommodation provider to the original accommodation, the advertised cost of the alternative accommodation will be payable. Obviously, if the alternative accommodation is advertised at a lower price, you will receive a refund (if you have already paid the balance of your total holiday cost) of the price difference. If you do not wish to accept a significant change or any alternative accommodation offered or we cannot offer you suitable alternative accommodation, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to us for the accommodation concerned. 

In the unlikely event that you fail to email us with confirmation that you wish to accept any change or alternative accommodation within the time period we reasonably stipulate, we are entitled to assume you wish to cancel your booking of the accommodation concerned and receive a full refund of all monies paid to us for it.  Compensation will not be payable where any change or cancellation results from “force majeure” or where you have refused, without good reason, to accept alternative accommodation you have been offered.  Please note, no compensation is payable for minor changes. Such minor changes do not entitle you to change to alternative accommodation or to cancel without paying the normal charges as set out in these conditions. A minor change is a change, which Luxury Escape Limited could not reasonably expect to have a significant effect on your confirmed booking.


5. On Holiday

5.1 Carriage
The responsibility for transportation to the accommodation remains with the customer.

5.2 Behaviour
Most people go on holiday for rest and relaxation, so if in our reasonable opinion or in the opinion of any hotel manager or other person in authority, your behaviour is causing danger, damage to property or persistently affecting the enjoyment of others, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday. Should this happen, no refund or compensation would be paid. If your actions or those of any member of your party cause damage to the accommodation in which you are staying, you must fully reimburse the accommodation for the cost of the damage before you end your stay.  You must also indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs) made against us as a result. The booking is valid exclusively to the lead name and number of passengers on the accommodation details provided by Luxury Escape Limited. 

5.3 Lost Items
If you lose any personal items whilst on holiday, please obtain a written report from a local representative, or police, to help with any insurance claim.

5.4 If You Have A Complaint While You Are On Holiday
If you have a complaint while you are staying at the accommodation in question, you must inform the accommodation management immediately, in order to give them the chance to resolve the problem.   Should the situation persist then contact must be made with Luxury Escape Limited.  It is unreasonable to take no action whilst on holiday, but then to write a letter of complaint upon return. If you do not raise concerns immediately, this may affect our ability to investigate and take remedial action and it may impact on the way your complaint is dealt with.

5.5 Our Commitment To You For Your Holiday Arrangements
We do not accept responsibility if and to the extent that any failure of your holiday arrangements, or death or injury: is not caused by any fault of ours, or accommodation provider; is caused by you; is caused by someone not connected with your holiday arrangements or is due to unforeseen circumstances which, even with all due care, we or our accommodation providers could not have anticipated or avoided.

5.6 Curtailment
If you cut short your holiday and return home early in circumstances where you have no reasonable cause for complaint about the standard of accommodation and services provided, we will not offer you any refund for the remainder of your holiday not completed, or assist with any associated costs you may incur. Depending on the circumstances, your travel insurance may offer cover for curtailment and we suggest that any claim is made directly with them.


6. On Return From Your Holiday

6.1 Questionnaire
We are committed to improving the standard of our holidays and it is only with the help of your feedback that we will be able to achieve our aim. We would therefore appreciate it if you would spend a few moments to complete and return the questionnaire which we will send to you on your return.

6.2 If You Had A Problem
If a problem remains unresolved during your holiday, Luxury Escape Limited may be able to act in an intermediary capacity, but will only offer to do so if you write to us within 7 days of the final day of your stay in the accommodation. Please remember to quote your holiday booking number and daytime telephone number. Complaints or claims in respect of the accommodation provider are to be dealt with by the accommodation provider, without mediation by or interference of Luxury Escape Limited. Luxury Escape Limited is not responsible for and disclaims any liability in respect of such claims.


7. Other Websites

luxuryescape.co.uk may contain links to other websites. Such other websites are not under our control or maintained by us and we are not responsible for the content of such websites.  We provide these links for their convenience only but do not monitor or endorse the material on them.  We cannot accept any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising in relation to any such other websites [including, by way of example, any inability to access or delay in accessing any such other website or in relation to any material or information appearing on them or which you may otherwise come across after leaving our site.


8.  Jurisdiction

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remainder of these Terms and Conditions will not be affected but will remain valid and enforceable.  Your contract is with the accommodation provider. Luxury Escape Limited act only as agents. Given that we only act as agents for the accommodation provider, we can accept no liability whatsoever for any death, personal injury, loss or damage of any kind, unless caused by our own negligence. Insofar as we have any liability to you, then proceedings in respect of any such liability shall be governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


9. Changes to Terms and Conditions

Luxury Escape Limited reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions without prior notice to you. The latest version will always be available on the website.


10. Offers

Free Nougat Shea Butter Body Silk or a similar product available for bookings of 4 nights or more. Nougat Bath Truffle or a similar product available for new customers only. Only one free gift per booking. Subject to availability. While stocks last.

John Lewis vouchers are only made available to customers who have made a booking through Luxury Escape and have returned from their stay. The customer will receive their vouchers once their friend has also returned from their stay.

Offers from the accommodation providers are subject to their own terms and conditions.


11. Gift Vouchers

All gift vouchers are non-refundable and are valid for 12 months.

Each voucher can only be used once. Vouchers are only redeemable against accommodation costs; they may not be redeemed against incidental hotel costs or additional services. Any outstanding unused credit will be held against the voucher code until used or the voucher expires. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Please note, vouchers can only be used towards hotels in the Luxury Escape collection and not directly with hotels. When using a gift-voucher, accommodation must be booked through Luxury Escape and the full balance is payable at the time of booking.



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